SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® Review

Field tropical boonie hat «SAS» or SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® — boonie hat produced by Ukrainian tactical clothing and gear manufacturer P1G-Tac®, is made to protect your head and neck from sun, rain and the elements.

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Boonie hat, as a piece of headwear is optimal for hot weather conditions and densely vegetated environments since it performs following functions better then caps and hats:

  • Provides protection from the sun (protects not only the eyes, but ears and back of the head with neck too).
  • Provides protection from precipitations (water flows easily from the eaves).
  • Increases camouflage (by breaking up the silhouette of your head).
  • Protects neck from dust, mud and bugs.
  • Blocks sweat from running down your forehead.

And some more distinctive features of SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® before we start the detailed review:

  • Good airflow thanks to four eyelets.
  • Core material: Profit-On RipStop (65% cotton : 35% polyester).
  • Available colors: Coyote, Olive, Multicam, A-TACS FG, A-TACS AU, EMP Camo, SOCOM Camo, TP38\Partizan, Field Toad Camo, Plairie Toad Camo, Varan Camo.

Moving forward review will present SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® in Field Toad Camo Pattern.

SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® Review -

SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® got its name from the boonie hat cut traditional for British Special Forces, Special Air Service (SAS) in particular. This cut uses shorter (compared to American boonie hats) eaves with higher angle.

On the outside around the head, boonie hat has textile strap that can be used for holding additional camouflage, local vegetation or let say paracord.

On top of each side there is a pair of eyelets, protected with small metal mesh, allowing air to get inside the hat while blocking small dirt and bugs from getting through.

SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® Review -

On the inside SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® has two small flaps with eyelets that hold protective neck cord secured with two knots. With the help of the cord lock this cord can attach the boonie hat to your chin or to the back of your heat, so you don’t loose it under a sudden blow of the wind. Such joining method gives the cord a little bit of movement to each side, so it frays and gets damaged less, compared to direct sewing of the cord into the seam of the hat. Eaves are reinforced with several rows of stitching.

In order to better show you the difference between British and American boonie hat cuts here’s the front look at SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® and Helikon-tex Boonie Hat.

SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® Review -

Back view on the same SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® and Helikon-tex Boonie Hat.

SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® Review -

As you may see the hat with the «British» cut holds closer to the head and has higher angle of the shorter eaves. Thanks to that these boonies are less visible, less often get caught by surrounding vegetation (creating less sound) and drain precipitations faster. Beside that, unlike caps, they protect your neck from sunburns and rain, mud and bugs from getting behind your collar.

SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® Review -

Here is the additional image showing the eaves difference between SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® and Helikon-tex Boonie Hat. Please pay attention that both boonie hats have the same head size.

SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® Review -

Since SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac® is intended for use during the hot weather conditions, it would be a great addition to Mabuta Mk-2 Suit by P1G-Tac® targeted to the same climate.

We thank online store for providing SAS Jungle Hat by P1G-Tac®, shown in the review.


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