Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® — field pants for hot weather conditions from Ukrainian P1G-Tac® brand.

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Conceptually these pants could be treated as something in between Mabuta MK-2 Pants by P1G-Tac® and Tactical Operator’s Pants by P1G-Tac®. From Mabuta they have taken elastic inserts and targeting towards maximum breathability, and from TOP they have got the rest of features targeted towards rough field exploitation. As a result Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® combined following features:

  • 8 pockets.
  • Comfortable padded belt.
  • Elastic inserts around the knees and on the lower back.
  • Mesh inserts for better air circulation.
  • Additional Cordura reinforcements in areas or greater stress.
  • Ability to install soft kneepads.
  • Core material: Profit-on RipStop (65% cotton : 35% polyester).
  • Available colors: Olive, Coyote, Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, SOCOM Camo, Field Toad Camo, Prairie Toad Camo, Varan Camo.

For today’s review we have got the Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® in Olive color.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

Similar to other items of clothing from the same manufacturer Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® are shipped in a cloth bag with tie-down, that helps reducing possible stress on the pants while storage or transportation.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

Since pants are initially targeted towards use in the high daily temperatures, its cut is is fairly loose and allows air circulation inside. Compared to Mabuta MK-2 Pants by P1G-Tac® the number of overlapping layers of core material is reduced. As a result Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® have only two pockets in the front.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

Two more pockets are available in the back. In the photo above you can also clearly see two vertical zippers to the purpose of which we will get a bit later.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

On the sides you can notice the flaps covering the hip pockets, zippers with flaps on the lower legs and two additional cut-in pockets.

Another feature carried over from Mabuta MK-2 Pants by P1G-Tac® is the core material itself, which is the mixed ProfitOn fabric (65% cotton : 35% polyester) with RipStop reinforcement. Fabric’s structure makes it breathable, and the reinforced thread allows it to withstand abrasion, cuts and stress for a long time.

From overall description let’s dive into details of the cut.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

Trouser’s fly in Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® is locked with metal YKK zipper and wide Velcro strap, which provides a little bit of adjustment of belt’s width. Besides that, Velcro is a flat joint which, unlike buttons or snaps, does not create creases and does not cause discomfort when WarBelt\BattleBelt is worn above it.

To both sides from the fly there are belt loops with plastic D-rings for attaching lanyards, retainers or cords that secure valuable items you carry in the front pockets and want to keep at your fingertips.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

Padded belt up to 10 cm. in height also speaks for the ability to integrate Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® with a WarBelt\BattleBelt, load-carriage or backpack belts etc. comfortably. The padding provides additional stiffness to the lower back area, prevents creases and discomfort during the prolonged wear of belts and also spreads the load more evenly across your lumbar.

On the outside padding has five belt loops that would fit belts up to 6,5 cm. wide. And you would definitely need a belt to secure your Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® since there are no other means to adjust the waist width besides the Velcro. Two outer belt loops offer two more D-rings for attaching your head gear, gloves, protective cases for your glasses and other accessories.

Below the padding, similar to Mabuta MK-2 Pants by P1G-Tac®, there is an elastic insert performing two main functions.

Firstly, it allows your pants to flex repeating your shapes when turning, bending, squatting, kneeling, or performing other types of active movement. Thanks to this elastic your pants crease less and the gear attached to your belt stays exactly at its place without blocking the movement of your pelvis or legs.

Secondly, the elastic also has a lower thickness then ProfitOn used as a core material. So excessive heat and moisture that are surely generated under your WarBelt\BattleBelt have a way to escape through holes in the elastic.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

First pair of pockets sized 9 x 14 cm. (width\height) that a re not so good visible from the distance is located on the inner wall of the front pockets, and allows comfortable transportation of smartphones, notepads and even magazines for AR or AK weapon platforms. Last use case would be greatly appreciated by shooting sports fans during the short-term exercises and courses. These pockets hold magazines relatively high and close to the body allowing rapid extrication without the need to open flaps or reach inside the cargo pockets. These pockets alone could be enough for a couple of short drills on the range even if your WarBelt\BattleBelt is not on you at the moment.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

On top of the cut-in pockets there are spacious front pockets with the diagonal opening that is additionally reinforced with 500D Cordura. Its task is to reduce wear and tear of the core material during the transportation of knives, flashlights and other items with metal clips. Pocket’s depth right behind the reinforcement, in my mind, is relatively small to carry bigger knives and flashlights while the overall depth reaches about twenty-three centimeters.

Deep inside the same pockets Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® hide the adjustment system allowing you to fit the position of the knee area. This is done via a buckle with two slots sewn into the lower section of the belt inside the front pocket and the strap that helps raising or lowering the knee in the position of your preference.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® back pockets are bigger compared to Tactical Operator’s Pants by P1G-Tac®, and have following measurements: 14,5 x 16,5 cm. (width\height). Flaps covering these pockets are secured with Velcro, and the outer wall has two functional creases allowing pocket to stay flat while empty and expand while filled with content. There are drainage holes centered in the bottom section of the outer walls.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

Back pockets could be filled with big items, but hip cargo pockets sized 18 x 24 cm. (width\height) are doing this even better. Same to the back pockets they have the creases that expand the pocket size when full. Flaps are also secured with Velcro, similarly to the back pockets.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

In the front of the cargo pocket there is a vertical YKK zipper of 12,5 cm. in length that can be used as an alternative access point to the internal space. This would be a more comfortable alternative to the flap when you’re driving inside the car or in the confined space of the combat vehicle. In this case you simply need to open the zipper and extract the item you need. No need to bend out, lean to the side or stretch your leg out. When pockets are empty the open zipper can be used as an additional airway.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

And if the zipper in the front could be used as an alternative airway, then another 21 cm. zipper located in the back is the main ventilation opening. By opening this zipper you allow air to get inside the pants through the air mesh, increasing the heat loss in your knee and hip area through convection and radiation. And if air is moving through this mesh freely, then bigger part of the mud, leaf litter and bugs would be kept away.

If you plan using these pants in dense vegetation or swampy areas, I would strongly advice treating these mesh openings with the bug repellent, otherwise midges and mosquitos would pay the unwanted attention to it.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

On the knee level Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® have cavities formed by two overlapping layers of the core material, where through openings in the bottom you can place the additional soft pads. Above those compartments, same as in Mabuta MK-2 Pants by P1G-Tac® there are elastic inserts which compensate deformation of the pants when you bent knees and together with the vertical positioning system allow you to comfortably secure your protective elements regardless of the movement intensity.

Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® Review -

On the inside of the lower leg surface Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® have 12,5 cm. reinforcements from 500D Cordura, preventing the wear from constant rubbing of legs against each other and the boots. External seam of the trouser-leg contains YKK zipper that has another mesh insert behind it. With these zippers you can expand the size of the trouser-leg up to additional 8 cm. and provide more air circulation in the shank area.

In conclusion, thanks to thought-out venting openings system, elastic inserts that compensate deformation, wide padded belt, plenty of well-located pockets and durable core material I would call Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac®a good alternative to Mabuta MK-2 Pants by P1G-Tac® for cases when you don’t need the integrated kneepads. Less aggressive look would suffice hikers, anglers and hunters, fans of shooting sports or military games for their prolonged and tough use.

You can purchase Field Ambush Pants by P1G-Tac® from store that has provided it for our review.


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